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Small Capacity Glass Cruets

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$79.00 - $130.00
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The Eucharist is the ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, and requires items such as cruets and cruet trays. Find a selection of small capacity glass cruets, and metal cruet trays to carry the vessels. Each glass bottle measures 6" high with capacity to hold 6 ounces of liquid. These inexpensive and high quality cruets come with the stoppers.

Cruet styles include simple glass bottles with stoppers, ceramic sets and crystal cruets for a more formal presentation. Trays are made from brass or other materials and have silver or gold tones. Some are more decorative, while basic trays are round or oblong with little flourish and detail, to keep a simple presentation. Select cruets and trays that match the presentation you wish to put forth. Sets and individual pieces vary from simple to ornate or more formal presentations.

Chrome trays 9 ½" x 6 ¾" or brass trays 9 ¼" x 6" are available at additional cost.