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Church Metalware Repair and Refinishing

Our church metalware refinishing and repair services are ideal when replacing an important item, like an heirloom chalice or an engraved ciborium, just isn't an option. The sentimental value of the object or its high market value makes it emotionally or financially difficult to replace.

Matthew F. Sheehan's church metalware refinishing and restoration services offer individuals, churches, and organizations an affordable alternative to replacing costly or sentimental pieces. Our repair and restoration service allows you to restore, rather than replace, your metal church goods to save money and preserve special items. We feature a full range of services including chalice restoration, ciborium refinishing, and more. Free estimates are available, so there's never any surprise when it comes to costs.

Our church metalware repair services can be used to restore a broken or damaged item, such as chalices and ciboriums, to its original function and glory. These metalware repairs are completed by our team of skilled craftsmen, and all repairs are done before other restoration efforts take place, ensuring that the repair blends seamlessly into the item's finish. You'll never even know your church metalware item was repaired.

If you would like a piece of your church metalware replaced with a piece from another item to create a custom design, we can do that, too. Send both items in and our craftsmen will carefully dismantle the needed pieces, then forge them together to create a unique and customized piece.


The Church Metalware Refinishing and Repair Process:

Matthew F. Sheehan makes it easy to have your important chalices, ciboriums, and other church metalware items professionally repaired or restored. We treat every piece that comes through our service with the utmost respect and care. Our expert craftsmen are masters of their craft and produce incredible results.

      1. - Obtain an estimate. Estimates are available by either submitting photos of your metalware or by shipping them to us. The appraiser will be able to give you a more accurate estimate, as well as provide suggestions for restoring the piece that you may have overlooked.

      1. - Approve the work. Restoration work will not begin until you approve the quote. 

      1. - Finished products are returned. Your item will be shipped to your location. Heavy items may require truck shipping.


The metalware restoration process can take anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Once the restoration process is complete and your item has gone through one final inspection, the piece will be restored to its original beauty and shine. The hand-buffed finishes will gleam with the beauty the piece originally possessed. Many customers describe their newly refinished chalices, ciboriums, and more as "better than new". 

If you are interested in a free estimate or for more information about article restoration, please call us at 888-7120205 or email photos to Please note that free shipping does not apply to this service.