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Crozier with Stones

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Inspired by the staff carried by Moses in the Book of Exodus, the modern crozier is now a symbol of high ranking members of the clergy. The staffs are typically carried by bishops and apostles, and come in a wide range of styles and designs. Modern croziers measure 57 inches tall and are made of lightweight metals such as aluminum.

The Crozier with Stones from Matthew F. Sheehan is an imported design that is made in Spain. It features a polished aluminum staff topped with a crook with a jeweled gold node. The crozier is available in your choice of one, two or three pole section pieces and six style choices. The staff measures a standard 57 inches long and is available with or without a stand and case. The beautiful design ships quickly and is a great addition to any church's collection.

  • Choice of one, two or three pole section pieces
  • Six style choices
  • 57-inch pole standard (customized sizes available)