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Crozier with Hammered Crook

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Modeled after the staff carried by Moses in the Book of Exodus, modern croziers consist of a crook and a pole. The two pieces are typically separated by a decorative node. Styles vary widely and many incorporate semi-precious stones, beautiful details or rich metals. Croziers are carried by bishops or apostles, and are often regarded as a mark of the bearer's position in the church.

The Crozier with Hammered Crook is imported from Spain and is available through Matthew F. Sheehan. It comes in two finishes; either gold or silver plate. It is hand hammered and is made from solid brass. The crozier is available in one, two or three sections, and comes in your choice of style. A stand in a matching style and finish may be added to hold the crozier when it is not being carried for an additional charge.

  • Choice of one, two or three pole section pieces
  • Six styles
  • 57-inch pole length standard (can be customized)