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Abbey Brand Braided Cotton Cincture 81" Long

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A cincture is a rope-like belt or tie with tasseled or knotted ends that is worn around the waist on the outside of the alb. The color of the cincture may indicate the liturgical season or the position of the wearer. For example, a Catholic bishop's cincture may be made of intertwining gold and green threads while a cardinal will most often wear red and gold. A solid colored cincture may be in deference to the liturgical season. The vestment is typically worn tied in a Roman Knot in the front of the wearer.

At Matthew F. Sheehan, we carry a large selection of cinctures to choose from. The Abbey Brand Braided Cotton Cincture measures 81 inches long and has knotted ends. Cinctures are available in eight solid colors, including those that indicate the liturgical season. Cinctures are priced low and ship quickly, offering an exceptional value to church leaders.