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Twelve Apostle Ciborium

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Designed by one of the most well-known and respected manufacturers of church goods, the Twelve Apostles Ciborium from Matthew F. Sheehan is bursting with personality and appeal. The ciborium features a rich filigree overlay on the base and cup along with 12 hand-painted fire enamel medallions along the sides that depict the Twelve Apostles. The piece is made in sterling silver with a 24k gold plate finish.

The contrast of the hand painted enamel medallions against the gold background makes this piece truly special. While many ciboria are simple in design, the Twelve Apostles Ciborium is sure to command attention. Proudly display it on an altar and use it to hold up to 200 hosts during Mass services. A matching gold lid with a finial cross that doubles as a handle to grip the lid is included to protect the integrity of the wafers during services. The thoughtfully designed piece also includes an extra wide base to help provide extra stability and a larger canvas to showcase the piece's unique design.
  • Sterling silver construction
  • 24k gold plate finish
  • M 10 1/8" H
  • 200 host capacity