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Tassilo Open Ciboria

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The Tassilo Open Ciborium features a fine two-tone finish and an exquisitely detailed design. The ciborium is modeled after the original design, which was crafted in the eighth century to mark the wedding of the Duke of Tassilo to the daughter of the Lombardian king. Like the original piece, this fantastic reproduction has an intricate pattern of interlocking medallions which depict various figures from the Bible. The ciborium has a cup that is wider than the base, giving it a very unusual appearance compared to other ciboria from the same time period.

The Tassilo Open Ciborium measures just 3.5 inches tall, but has a wide 5.5-inch diameter cup for easy access. The inside of the piece is highly polished and is non-reactive to protect the integrity of the communion wafers. The unit can hold up to 200 hosts and is made without a lid. This piece is made by Artistic Silver and is imported from Spain. It is available in your choice of material, including brass with an inner cup of sterling silver or all sterling silver. Choose the material that best fits your budget and church's style.

  • Measures 3 1/2" H x 5 1/2" D
  • 200 host capacity
  • Available in brass with an inner sterling silver cup or in all sterling silver
  • Imported from Spain
  • Made by Artistic Silver
  • F.O.B. factory