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Tassilo Ciboria

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Modeled after the original eighth century design, the beautiful Tassilo Ciborium features a two-tone finish and an intricate pattern of interlocking medallions that depict images of important biblical figures. The Tassilo Ciborium is designed by Artistic Silver and is made by the manufacturer's team of skilled craftsmen. The ciboria features the unique proportions of the Tassilo line, with a cup that is larger than the base. This particular feature was very uncommon in early church goods, making the Tassilo collection even more spectacular. The original Tassilo set was commissioned for use during the wedding of the Duke Tassilo of Bavaria and the daughter of the Lombardian King.

The Tassilo Ciborium is large enough to hold up to 200 hosts. The cup's diameter measures a generous five inches, making it easy to remove the hosts during the communion service. The ciboria comes with a matching lid and is available in your choice of brass with an inner sterling silver cup or in all sterling silver. The piece includes a Latin phrase on the base which translates to, "For Him, with Him, in Him".
  • Measures 8 ¼" tall
  • Cup diameter 5"
  • Hold 200 hosts