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St Remy Intinction Set

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There are different ways to celebrate communion, and in some churches, intinction is the preferred manner. When celebrating communion by intinction, the wafer is dipped into the wine rather than the individual drinking the wine from a chalice. Communion by intinction is generally more sanitary than using a communal chalice and more cost-efficient than using disposable communion cups.

In order to make communion by intinction easier, an intinction set is often used. The St. Remy Intinction Set from Matthew F. Sheehan features a wide-mouthed ciborium with a matching chalice that fits in the center. The chalice is filled with wine and the ciborium is loaded with wafers. The wafers are dipped in the wine by the priest before being presented to the recipient for communion. The two-part set is designed to be easy to hold for fast and efficient services. In addition to being convenient, the set is also highly decorative. It has a gold plate finish and a German design that is accented with genuine semi-precious stones.
  • Chalice measures 4 ¼" H x 3 1/8" D
  • Open Ciboria measures 4 1/8" H x 6" D
  • Boat measures 5" H x 4 ¼" D
  • Made in Spain