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St Remy Ciboria

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Original price $13,750.00 - Original price $22,950.00
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$13,750.00 - $22,950.00
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The St. Remy Ciboria from Matthew F. Sheehan is designed to be an identical replica of the original twelfth century piece, which is now housed in the Cathedral of Reims. The St. Remy Ciborium is made by Artistic Silver and has a unique German style. The famous design is best-known for its heavy use of semi-precious stones, which the Artistic Silver version also includes. The elegantly crafted piece is highly ornamented on the exterior and has a lovely gold finish that gives the piece a touch of elegance and sophistication. The inside of the ciborium as well as the outer rim are highly polished for a high-end look. This piece comes with a matching lid with a finial cross that acts as a handle for ease of use.

The St. Remy Ciborium from Matthew F. Sheehan is a great addition to any traditional church. The ciborium can be used on its own or as part of a collection of matching pieces. It is available at two price points depending on the degree of handmade elements. Choose an entirely handmade version of the ciborium or opt for a less expensive partially handmade option. The stunning ciborium is carefully packaged and shipped from Matthew F. Sheehan to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.
  • Made by Artistic Silver
  • Available in handmade or partially handmade