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St. Dismas Medal 14KT Gold

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Handsome round 14KT gold St. Dismas medal only, finely crafted hand cut border. This beautiful medal is made of the highest quality metal. Medal measures ¾" in diameter.
St. Dismas, also known as the Good Thief or the Patient Thief, is the Greek name given to one of the thieves crucified with Jesus. He was the one, who asked for Christ's blessing,
according to the Gospel of Luke 23:39-43.
An old legend says that when the Holy Family were running to Egypt , they were set upon by a band of thieves, Dismas was one of them. When he realized that there was something special about them, Dismas ordered his fellow bandits to leave them alone.

St. Dismas

Died: crucified c.30 at Jerusalem
Patron Saint of: death row inmates, prisoners condemned to death, criminals, prisoners, reformed thieves, funeral directors, undertakers.