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Single Oil Stock with Ring

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Designed to hold a small portion of holy oil, the Single Oil Stock with Ring is a must-have addition to any priest's travel collection. Single Oil Stocks are most commonly used to hold oil for anointing of the sick, though they may be used for other purposes as well. The stock includes a small ring attached to the edge that may be slipped over a finger to lessen the chance of the stock slipping out of your hands while administering services.

The expertly designed Single Oil Stock with Ring is available in your choice of gold or silver plate finishes. The stock has a secure lid to prevent leaks and is beautifully decorated with a variety of symbols along the side and lid. The lid also includes a ridged edge for a better grip and easier opening. The stock is made of non-reactive materials to prevent tarnish, rust and discoloration when exposed to anointing oil for extended periods of time. The stock measures just one inch high and is the perfect size for traveling priests and more intimate ceremonies or gatherings.
  • Measures 1" H x 1 1/8" D
  • Gold or Silver Finish
  • Made in Spain