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Silver Plated Holy Oil Container

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Designed to be beautiful, yet functional, the elegant Silver-Plated Holy Oil Container from Matthew F. Sheehan is a fine addition to any church or sanctuary. The oil reservoir is large enough to hold up to 5 quarts of holy oil, making it one of the largest holy oil containers on the market. The urn-style vessel is crafted to look like a traditional Greek amphora, with two handles for easy carrying and a secure-fitting lid. The lid is finished with a multi-dimensional finial cross ornament. The container is imported from Spain and is made from high-quality brass with a silver-plated finish to preserve its good looks and promote longevity.

The imported Silver-Plated Holy Oil Container measures just over 19 inches high and 11 inches wide at the widest point. The handles are not included in this measurement.

  • Imported from Spain
  • Five-quart capacity
  • Silver plated finish
  • 19" H x 11" W