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Silver Gothic Ciborium

SKU 2381
Original price $7,350.00 - Original price $10,995.00
Original price
$7,350.00 - $10,995.00
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The Silver Gothic Ciborium from Matthew F. Sheehan is designed and made by Artistic Silver. It features an elevated dish with a long stem, a decorative node and a heavyweight base. The dish is covered with a flat lid with a finial cross that doubles as a handle. The ciborium has an open filigree design on the base and is large enough to hold up to 180 hosts. The polished silver exterior helps bring out the design and highlights the raw craftsmanship of the piece. The ciborium is available in your choice of three finishes.
  • Measures 11" H, 4 7/8" D
  • Holds 180 hosts
  • Imported from Spain
  • F.O.B. factory