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R.J. Toomey Zucchetto

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$75.00 - $89.00
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The beautiful custom tailored zucchetto is available in your choice of 4 colors including black, church purple, red scarlet and white. The simple design is made in triangular sections and is designed to fit over just the dome of the skull. The cap is available in 4 sizes to fit a range of head sizes and measurements are listed next to each size to help you order the right piece.

The zucchetto is a small, form-fitting ecclesiastical cap that is worn by clerics and higher clergy. It began as a form of the Greek pilos, but was altered during the early Middle Ages to keep clerics' tonsured heads warm. The name is derived from the Italian word for a small gourd as it resembles half a pumpkin. In appearance, the zucchetto is similar to a Jewish kippah or yarmulke, though its use is very different.

Delivery takes 5 to 6 weeks for this design. If you need your piece sooner, please check out the handmade Zucchetto by Gammarelli, which is available for immediate delivery and comes in 4 colors. Shop with Matthew F. Sheehan today to get the best selection of zucchettos at affordable prices. We have been in business since 1907 and take pride in supplying religious leaders of all faiths with the products they need to practice their calling.