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Polished Finish Bishop's Ring

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$695.00 - $1,035.00
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Polished finish bishop's rings at Matthew F. Sheehan's do not have the detailing on the sides that is seen on some of our other bishop's rings which makes these rings a good option for those who prefer a more subdued appearance in a ring. Polished finish bishop's rings are not plain however, as they have a rope design around the bezel. Our polished finish bishop's rings are made in Spain by the world-class company Artistic Silver. The ring comes with a reconstituted amethyst gem cut stone and is available in sterling silver and 24K gold-plated sterling silver (shown). Bishop rings are traditionally made of gold with an amethyst stone and these rings were first mentioned as an official part of the bishop's insignia in the early part of the 7th Century. Matthew F. Sheehan's has been in business since 1907 and is your best source for quality bishop's rings and apostle rings.