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Hand Hammered Crozier

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A crozier is a type of stylized staff that is traditionally carried by high-ranking members of the church. The staff is first mentioned in the Book of Exodus where it is carried by Moses. According to tradition, the original staff carried by Moses transformed into a snake before becoming a staff once again. It is sometimes referred to as the rod of God or the staff of God. Today, the crozier is carried by bishops or apostles, and is considered a symbol of the governing office.

The Hand-Hammered Bishop's Crozier from Matthew F. Sheehan is imported from Spain and measures 57 inches long. The crook is slightly large than 12 inches and features an equal-sided cross that is fully enclosed. Croziers are available in your choice of gold or silver plating, and a custom stand may be added for an additional charge.

  • Imported from Spain
  • 57 inches long