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Gothic Ciborium with Twelve Apostles

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The elevated Gothic Ciborium with Twelve Apostles from Matthew F. Sheehan offers a unique twist on a traditional piece of the Mass celebration. The ciborium is traditionally used during the Mass service to hold the communion wafers or consecrated hosts. A typical ciborium consists of a wide dish with a removable lid. It may feature any degree of ornamentation on the outside surfaces. Ciboria are typically made of a precious metal or have a silver or gold-plated finish.

The Gothic Ciborium with Twelve Apostles features a richly detailed design around the exterior that portrays Christ's closest advisors. The body of the ciborium is elevated on a lengthy stem with a node and heavyweight base for stability. The design also includes the Four Evangelists embedded into the chapel node and a sculptured Flower of Passion motif along the base. The ciborium measures approximately 6-7/8 inches in diameter and is large enough to hold up to 350 communion wafers. The highly detailed design is imported from Spain and is made by the skilled craftsmen at Artistic Silver.
  • Holds 350 Communion wafers
  • Measures 11½" H x 6 7/8" D
  • Imported from Spain
  • Made by Artistic Silver