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Gothic Chalice with Scale Paten

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Designed to be beautiful and functional, the Gothic Chalice with Scale Paten is a two-piece set with a traditional style that you're sure to love. The chalice features an exquisite deep-relief design that includes a depiction of the Four Evangelists on the node chapel. The bowl of the cup is adorned with the image of Christ and His Twelve Apostles while the base includes a sculpted Flower of Passion motif. The accompanying paten is done in a similar style to match the chalice. Both pieces are made of high-quality sterling silver and the inside of the chalice is also lined with gold for long-lasting beauty and durability.

The gothic Chalice with Scale Paten from Matthew F. Sheehan is molded after a set that was originally commissioned as a gift to Pope John Paul II in order to commemorate his fiftieth anniversary. The design is imported from Spain and is made by master artisans for exceptional quality. The chalice has a 13-ounce capacity and is decorative, yet fully functional for regular use.
  • Chalice measures 10 3/8 inches high
  • 13-ounce capacity
  • Imported from Spain