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Crucifixion Group - 3-4 Relief

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The striking position of the lord is the beautifully designed structure which will surely inspire people to recognize and contemplate the great sacrifice made by our lord. The momentum of two beauties, Mary and St. John is an enhancing feature of this artistic piece. Each detail on the structure incorporated such as the wounds on Christ's hand and feet, the crown on his head, the features of his countenance and the locks of hair about him is strikingly noticeable. Mary and John has simple looking appeal with one hands of each rising and the robe gathered around them.

Crucifixion Group - 3/4 Relief is made in Linden Wood and available in Colored, Monotone Stain and Natural Wood Tone finished, please select while ordering.

Available sizes with Croce dimensions:

  • Size: 24" Croce Dimensions: 40"

  • Made in Italy.

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