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Chalice with Stations of the Cross

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Made by the skilled craftsmen at Artistic Silver, the Chalice with Stations of the Cross tells the story of Jesus' sacrifice for mankind. Through a carefully planned and executed progression of images, the 14 Stations of the Cross are laid out along the edges and base of the chalice. The depictions are engraved directly into the chalice, offering a fine example of the skill and expertise of the artists at Artistic Silver. Each panel on the chalice is finely engraved and finished with an oxidized silver plating that contrasts beautifully with the gold plated embossed ornaments on the cup's base. The node is particularly unique, with seven points, adorned to match the rest of the design. The chalice has a generous 14-ounce capacity and measures 9 5/8 inches high. It is available in all sterling silver or a sterling cup only.

  • Measures 9 5/8 inches high
  • 14-ounce capacity
  • Available in all sterling silver or sterling cup only