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Chalice and Scale Paten with Baroque Design

Original price $2,595.00 - Original price $5,595.00
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$2,595.00 - $5,595.00
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The Baroque Design Chalice and Scale Paten from Artistic Silver features a unique design that incorporates medallions depicting the Four Evangelists along the base of the chalice. The medallions have a contrasting finish, which adds to the sophistication and appeal of the design. Standing at approximately 10 inches high, the chalice has a petite eight-ounce cup set atop a slender stem and a heavyweight base that adds stability. While most of the chalice is ornamented, the top edge of the cup is left flat for ease of use. A matching scale paten is included.
  • Chalice measures 10 inches high
  • 8-ounce capacity
  • Available in three finishes: brass with gold plate; inner cup sterling silver; all sterling silver
  • Made in Spain