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Bronze Casted Paschal Candlestick

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Featuring rich baroque ornamentation throughout, the Bronze Cast Paschal Candlestick from Matthew F. Sheehan is as elegant as it is functional. The paschal candlestick is designed to hold the paschal candle. According to tradition, the paschal candle is blessed before being lit during the Easter season and is burned throughout the holiday. The candle is then used throughout the year for special events such as baptisms, weddings and more. The candle is given a place of prominence in the church, rising above other pieces of altar decor by resting upon a tall paschal candle holder.

The Bronze Cast Paschal Candlestick is made of high-quality materials and measures 56 inches in height. The candlestick includes a footed base and multi-tiered body that adds to the beauty of the design. The piece is imported from Spain and is available with any size of socket diameter.

  • Measures 56" H
  • Any socket diameter available upon request
  • Made in Spain