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Bishop's Ring with Crosses

SKU 765
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Gold and amethyst are common to the design of bishop's rings, but all bishops' rings are not the same. Some bishop's rings are designed simply with a gold band topped with an amethyst stone while others have detailed, ornate features instead of the amethyst. This bishop's ring with crosses, item number 765 at Matthew F. Sheehan's, combines the best of both rings by featuring a large amethyst stone on top with crosses that have been designed into the sides of the ring. The amethyst stone is standard on this ring but you can replace the amethyst with a ruby stone at an additional cost if you desire. Bishop's rings with crosses are available in sterling silver or a gold-plated sterling silver finish. Please select your size when ordering. Custom sizes are also available; please give us a call to inquire. Imported from Spain.