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Baroque Ornamented Chalice and Ciborium

Original price $9,890.00 - Original price $17,290.00
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$9,890.00 - $17,290.00
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Designed by Artistic Silver, the Baroque Ornamented Chalice and Ciborium is a true work of art. The two-piece set is sold by Matthew F. Sheehan and features rich detailing throughout that's perfect for traditional or Gothic churches. The ciborium and chalice set is finished in two-tone gold and silver to help the design pop and to add extra interest. The ciborium and chalice are both highly ornamented. The chalice has a long stem with an enlarged node in the middle and a round base. The ciborium has a matching lid with a small finial cross that doubles as a handle.

Order the chalice and ciborium as a set or order either piece individually. The Baroque design is available on an all sterling silver base or a sterling silver cup only for a reduced cost. Choose the options that best fit your budget to include this stunning set in your church's display.

  • Chalice measures 9 3/4 inches high and has an 11-ounce capacity
  • Ciboria measures 10 1/2 inches high and holds 250 hosts
  • Imported from Spain