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Banner Stand

SKU ZZ2477
Original price $510.00 - Original price $735.00
Original price
$510.00 - $735.00
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An elegant Banner Stand from Matthew F. Sheehan is the perfect addition to any church or assembly hall. The stand is made of brass and has a heavyweight round steel base that provides the perfect balance of stability and portability. The stand's small footprint makes it ideal for placing in foyers, on altars and in other spaces of limited size. The banner stand's cross bar has removable ends to make it easy to hang your favorite banner in only a few moments. A slot in the top of the piece is designed to accommodate the banner cord. The banner stand is available with your choice of black aluminum or brass finishes to match your space's decor. it is also removable for processional ceremonies where the banner must be carried. A small finial cross in a matching finish completes the design.

  • 8 feet tall
  • 33-inch wide cross bar
  • 12-inch round steel base
  • Made in the U.S.