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Altar Missal Stand in Satin Bronze

SKU 64MS97
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$780.00 - $950.00
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The simple Altar Missal Stand in Satin Bronze offers an easy way to support important books and texts during sermons and speeches. The stand features a round base and a wide bookrest in a simple, smooth finish. The stand's lack of ornamentation allows it to blend in beautifully with any lectern, pulpit or ambo. The portable style allows the stand to easily be removed when not in use. The round base has a no-slip bottom to keep it firmly in place.

The satin bronze missal stand is made of high-quality bronze metal and has a lovely satin finish that is baked on for durability. The round base takes up less space than square versions while still offering the same degree of support. The base of the stand is slightly weighted for added durability, even when using with large or heavy books.

  • Measures 4 ½" high
  • 6 ½" round base
  • Bookrest dimensions: 15" W x 12" D
  • Made in the U.S.