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All Saints Mitre

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Stunning in its simplicity, the All Saints Mitre from Matthew F. Sheehan is sure to please. The mitre is designed by Kreation Kevelaer and is crafted from a wool blend fabric that holds its shape beautifully and offers the perfect backdrop for a delicate design. The textured religious headwear maintains the traditional mitre shape with angled sides and a pointed top. Mitres are traditionally worn by high-ranking members of the clergy such as bishops and certain abbots.

The All Saints Mitre is particularly stunning thanks to an accent strip along the bottom of the piece. The strip is decorated with an elegant cross design and coordinating lappets. The decorative strip is made from fine perl silk with a slight sheen while the body of the headpiece is made from a durable wool blend. The piece also has a silk lining and a comfortable leather band on the interior to keep it in place and to prevent chaffing. The handsome All Saints Mitre is available in red, white, purple, green, gold, anthracite and serum blue.
  • Woven with perl silk
  • Made from 65 percent wool, 25 percent trevia and 10 percent silk
  • Finished with silk lining
  • Features a comfortable leather band on the interior
  • Comes with a storage bag