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St. Gerard 14KT Gold Medal

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Beautifully crafted St. Gerard Majella round 14KT gold medal, made of the highest quality metal. This lovely medal will make a great gift, for any special occasion.
St Gerard Majella (1726-1755), Feast Oct 19. St Gerard was a tailor who opened his own shop in Naples in 1745. Four years later, he became a Redemptions lay brother experiencing many raptures and miracles. He had the gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance, mystical knowledge, reading the secret of hearts. On numerous occasions, after intense periods of prayer, he manifested money for the poor and church projects. Though most of his life was spent in the humdrum tasks of tailor, porter, gardener, he was acclaimed as the most famous wonder-worker of the 18th century. Patron of childbirth, expectant mothers, the falsely accused.