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R.J. Toomey Bishop Biretta

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The Bishop Biretta from R.J. Toomey is made of a beautiful suede stain. The exterior of the design is purple with a purple pom and green lining. The headpiece is tailored to fit and comes in sizes 6 1/2 through 8. The corresponding head circumference is listed next to the size for ease of ordering.

The biretta is the headpiece in traditional clergy dress vestments. The square cap includes 3 or 4 peaks and is often topped with a pom. Three peaked styles are favored by Roman Catholic clergy while the 4-peaked variety is a favorite amongst those holding a doctoral degree from a pontifical faculty or pontifical university.

Birettas are used by all ranks of clergy from cardinals downward. The color of the biretta usually matches the position of the wearer, with cardinals opting for red or scarlet. Those worn by priests, deacons and seminarians are usually black. The Pope does not wear a biretta, but rather opts for a camauro.

The high-quality biretta is very well made. Custom orders using white material are available, and our courteous customer service team can help you with any questions or inquiries you may have. Shipping takes approximately 5 to 6 weeks. For faster receipt, please check out the handmade biretta by Gammarelli, which is available for immediate delivery.