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Pema Nativity Set 14 Pcs.-Stable Stumps-Root Medium

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Pema Nativity Set 14 Pieces

The beautiful woodcarve from pema representing nativity scene. The very rare and hard to find medium sized Pema Nativity Set is available in a range of sizes. When ordering, please choose either a natural (NO COLOR) finish or a water color finish. The 14 pieces of Pema Nativity Set includes:

Pema Nativity Set- 14pcs
1. Infant Jesus 2. Manger
3. St. Joseph 4. St. Mary
5. Standing Sheep 6. Stable
7. Donkey 8. Ox
9. Kneeling King 10. King Moor
11. King White 12. Shepherd kneeling with sheep
13. Shepherd with stick and lamb 14. Grazing Sheep

  • Available in sizes 5 inches to 9 inches
  • Made of Alpine Maple wood
  • Hand Made and Painted in Italy
  • Natural finish as pictured using the crucifix as a sample.

    Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Call to expedite the order.